Current Exhibition: Anna Breit / Rebecca Unz

Exhibition run: 1 April – 28 May 2022

Anna Breit. Luise. from the series: Teens (in their rooms)
FOTOHOF edition, 2021
Rebecca Unz. Pascal. from the series: Sensibelchen

With Anna Breit and Rebecca Unz, FOTOHOF presents two young Austrian photographers who deal with the youth culture of their time in different ways.    

The series Teens (in their rooms) by Anna Breit, which was published last year as a book of the same name in the FOTOHOF edition, is a comprehensive collection of portraits of young people between the ages of 13 and 19 in their own rooms, in the environment they have created for themselves. Rooms are the first attempt for teenagers, who still live with their parents, to express their own interests and attitudes. These places of retreat are the stage for the portrait of the teenagers. Anna Breit's photographs capture this state of adolescent development, this intense time of self-discovery and questioning of identity.
The protagonists in Rebecca Unz's portrait series Sensibelchen come from the photographer's circle of friends in the Graz hip-hop scene. Deliberately refraining from depicting all the popular attributes, accessories and clothing that make up this subculture of music, dance and lifestyle, Rebecca Unz chooses the narrowest possible image detail and concentrates the view on the faces. The series Projektionsflächen is a deconstruction of the process of taking portraits. Rebecca Unz does not try to reveal anything about the subject, but projects her vision or idea onto the sitter, similar to a screen, to create a visual play with light, sound, pose and surface.



FOTOHOF archiv:
Wolf Suschitzky Prize 2021

Lea Abendstein / Mike Ying

Exhibition run: 31 March – 26 May 2022

FOTOHOF archiv / Sparkassenstraße 2 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria
Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Thu 3–6 pm



Lea Abendstein. Intermezzo. Photographic collage, 30 x 40 cm, 2020

Public Talk with the winners Lea Abendstein and Mike Ying
on Thursday, 7 April, 7 pm at the archive

Austria: Katharina Bayer, Maurizio Cirillo, Maximillian Schneller, Anny Wass. Great Britain: Bex Day, Maisie Hill, Les Monaghan, Michaela Ngyidaiova.
Four artists each from Great Britain and Austria were shortlisted by the jury and a selection of these works can be seen in the exhibition.

The "Wolf Suschitzky Photography Prize" was initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum in London, where Suschitzky emigrated in the 1930s. The Fotohof archiv is the home of his photographic estate. Both institutions see their responsibility not only in the preservation of the material heritage, but also in the communication of his ideal legacy and his approach to photography.

In cooperation with the Kulturforum London, the Fotohof archiv presents the two award winners: In dynamic portraits Mike Ying (UK) shows the difficult situation of professional dancers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lea Abendstein's (AT) multi-layered collages convey the inner world in the pandemic lockdown and the effects on everyday life, mental health and family structures.


FOTOHOF library:

Exhibition run: 1 April – 30 July 2022

Diego Moreno, aus: En mi mente nunca hay silencio, 2021

Opens on 31 March 2022 with a public conversation with Ana Casas Broda

Visiting Publishers presents dedicated international publishing programs in the library's studio gallery. The third issue is dedicated to the Mexican publisher HYDRA Editorial.

HYDRA defines itself as a platform for the development of photographic projects based on reflection, dialogue and collaboration between artists, institutions and publishers. The House of Photography in Mexico City was founded in 2012 by Ana Casas Broda, Gabriela González Reyes and Gerardo Montiel Klint as an inclusive, flexible and open space.
In 2014, the publishing project HYDRA Editorial was initiated with the publication of several photobooks, some in collaboration with larger publishers such as RM and La Fábrica.

In 2018, the collective project INFRAMUNDO started with the presentation of 22 photobooks by Latin American photographer:s that emerged from the HYDRA program INCUBADORA DE FOTOLIBROS. This workshop program offers authors the opportunity to develop their books with the support of international experts, designers and curators.



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Anna Breit – Teens (in their rooms)

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