Current Exhibition:
Oswald Wiener − 4./5. Oktober 2003 daheim
Opens: 2 February, 7 pm

Exhibition run: 3 February – 25 March 2023
Exhibition supported by CFA - Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
Introduction: Peter Pakesch

Oswald Wiener, - 4./ 5. Oktober 2003 daheim. C-Print, 30,3Χ44,8 cm
Courtesy CFA - Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin

When Oswald Wiener and his wife Ingrid moved to Canada in 1984, it was not only an act of seeking knowledge, but also a conscious step by the writer to leave art behind. At the end of the long residency in the mid-1990s they made a photographic documentation of the house, the innermost place of work and long reflections. In the more than 300 photographs taken and printed by Wiener during his lifetime, he made the house, the living and working conditions the subject of a photographic survey. As documents of a personal space of thought and perception, these images are a world unto themselves, but symptomatically they stand for the larger context of Oswald Wiener's artistic thought.



Heinz Cibulka – Stammersdorf Fries (1972/2018)

Exhibition at FOTOHOF studio: 3 February – 25 March 2023
Opens: 2 February, 7 pm

Heinz Cibulka. from the series: Stammersdorfer Fries, 1972 / 2018

Since 2020, the Leipzig-based artist Sophia Kesting has been working with FOTOHOF archiv's holdings at its invitation, developing strategies for discussing and appropriating historical materials used in the medium of photography. It is not the artistic positions at the center of the FOTOHOF archiv that serve Sophia Kesting as material for her artistic research project.




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