Affordable photography for your walls

Fotohof Artothek

International and Austrian photo art is available for rent for private persons as well as companies.
High quality prints, produced in collaboration with numerous well-known photo artists, constitute, the basis of the Fotohof artothek. The idea behind this concept is to enable the general public to put up pieces of photo art onto their walls without the pressure of buying the image. The pieces are framed and can be rented for only 8€ per two months. After this period it is possible to extend the lease for up to one year or to buy the pictures.
The artothek started April 2009 with 82 pictures and it is gradually growing.

The following artists are represented:
Katrina DASCHNER   Johanna DIEHL  Peter DRESSLER   VALIE EXPORT   G.R.A.M.   Ugnius GELGUDA   Antje HANEBECK   Edgar HONETSCHLÄGER   Rainer IGLAR   Alfredo JAAR   Leo KANDL   Paul KRANZLER    Tatiana LECOMTE   Paul Albert LEITNER   Ulrike LIENBACHER   Reinhart MLINERITSCH   Inge MORATH   Andrew PHELPS  Michael SCHÄFER   Lilla SZASZ   Herman SEIDL  Wolfgang THALER  Christian WACHTER  Elisabeth WÖRNDL.

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