CHRISTIAN WACHTER, Wien, vor 2014/ 2017, Non-Fungible Tobacco Container # 170913D_0095, C-print, 22,7 cm x 15,2 cm


Christian Wachter
Werkschau: Konzept versus Fotografie
Opens: Saturday, 1 October, 7 pm (Lange Nacht der Museen)
Exhibition run: 4 October – 26 Novtember 2022



FOTOHOF calling 2021, Mitzi Gugg

FOTOHOF calling 2022 – Exhibition and Open Air Screening
on 1 October 2022, 7 pm at the  FOTOHOF studio

FOTOHOF calling provides a platform for emerging artists to present their works to a greater audience of experts and visitors. On this evening, selected works will be shown that reached us in the context of this year's call for entries.

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von 05.08.2022 bis 24.09.2022
Elfie Semotan
Professione: Reporter
von 03.06.2022 bis 30.07.2022
Anna Breit / Rebecca Unz
von 01.04.2022 bis 28.05.2022
Anna Breit, Rebecca Unz