Large Polaroids

von 12.06.1997 bis 12.07.1997


On June 13th 1995 Inge Dick exposed 99 large format Polaroids in sequences determined by the intensity of daylight, photographing a white surface. The first Polaroid was exposed at 7.08 a.m. and the last at 11.58 a.m. The camera settings (exposure time and lens opening) remained the same throughout the 99 pictures. As soon as the exposure meter indicated a different level of light (plus/minus 3-4 tenth of a second) a new picture was taken.

In meticulous intervals the artist developed an alternation of light, color and time, as it is only possible in photography. Inge Dick applied the same method the following day (June 14th 1996) photographing a black surface. This resulted in the series "Tagschwarz".

Gerald Domenig / Andrea Witzmann
von 04.08.2023 bis 30.09.2023
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von 26.05.2023 bis 29.07.2023
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von 31.03.2023 bis 20.05.2023
Caroline Heider, Sylvia Henrich, Susanne Kriemann, Claudia Kugler, Lisa Rastl, Claudia Rohrauer
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von 03.02.2023 bis 25.03.2023
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von 03.12.2022 bis 28.01.2023
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Rewriting the Photographic Image
von 03.12.2022 bis 28.01.2023