Die Eier!

Eröffnung: November 5, 1999 7 p.m.
Von 06.11.1999 bis 04.12.1999
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 3-7pm, Sa 10 am-1pm

Digitalprint, inkjet

Austrian artist Eva Maria Ocherbauer composes her photographic images from forms and elements of nature as well as of consumable objects. She dissolves the rectangular photographic image, all that remains is the form of the object. Images from flowers or shoes are being transformed into monumental objects posing questions of image and reality.

To Eva Maria Ocherbauer photography is a means to transform and redefine objects, which are close to her imminent life and area she lives in. Thus her images become icons of themselves, but in their aesthetics one can feel disintegration.

The eggs!
"Eggs are hiding in various places of my body, being fertilized by inspiration. Inspiration is the power of my being, and this energy has to be transformed into creative reality. The eggs serve as a cell to address questions of how and why things happen in the universe. The visions I receive from my unconsciousness and daily happenings nourish the eggs. As soon as the eggs are big enough they start growing out of my body, become limbs, which have to be worked on. I provide them with a message before they part and start their independent life." (Eva Maria Ocherbauer)

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