Portrait of Louise Anna Kubelka

von 02.10.1998 bis 07.11.1998
Ausstellungsübersicht, Friedl Kubelka

Friedl Kubelka: Life Portrait of the Daughter (detail)

Friedl Kubelka is one of the most renowned art photographers in Austria. In 1998 she completed one of her central works, namely the portrait of her daughter Louise Anna from birth to adulthood. This exceptional body of work is being exhibited and published for the first time in its entirety.

Since the early seventies Friedl Kubelka has focused on time structure as a parameter of expansion of the single photograph in her multi-part portrait-tableaus. "Time structure gives the form to the information rather than emphasizing the authenticity" (Friedl Kubelka).

The weekly portrait of her daughter Louise Anna over a period of 18 years documents not only the process of growing up or the development of a mother - daughter relationship, but also explores the process of photographic depiction and multi-layeredness of the photographic moment. A catalog will be published on the occasion of the exhibition: 30x38 cm, 36 pages, with a text by Anette Michelson.

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