Color photographs

von 02.10.1998 bis 07.11.1998

Thermotransfer print

The color photographs of the Austrian amateur photographer Rosa Ebner depict familial scenes from rural Upper Austria between the World Wars. Rosa Ebner began to photograph in 1925 at the age of nineteen.

What is remarkable about her work is her keen eye, the early use of colour and her choice of subject, which shatters the seemingly idyllic situation through irritating constellation.

Now, some seventy years later, Rosa Ebners color slides were transformed into digital files and thermotransfer prints were produced for the show at Fotohof. The photographs are being exhibited on the suggestion of Friedl and Peter Kubelka.

Gerald Domenig / Andrea Witzmann
von 04.08.2023 bis 30.09.2023
Wo ich Farbe sehe / Where I See Color – Zum 100. Geburtstag
von 26.05.2023 bis 29.07.2023
Inge Morath
von 31.03.2023 bis 20.05.2023
Caroline Heider, Sylvia Henrich, Susanne Kriemann, Claudia Kugler, Lisa Rastl, Claudia Rohrauer
4./5. Oktober 2003 daheim
von 03.02.2023 bis 25.03.2023
Stammersdorf Fries 1972/2018
von 03.02.2023 bis 25.03.2023
Soleil of Persian Square
von 03.12.2022 bis 28.01.2023
Hannah Darabi
Rewriting the Photographic Image
von 03.12.2022 bis 28.01.2023