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von 08.07.1998 bis 08.08.1998
Installation View


Part of the displayed photographs are transparent and mounted on the windows of the gallery, thereby simulating the situation, in which the photographs were taken: they are pictures, taken from the windows of trains, airplanes and cars, which show only excerpts and small elements of a recognizible reality. The world of here photographs exists only in the passing by of the vehicle in which she finds herself.

Rivka Rinn is a constant traveller and the respective means of her transportation is her workspace. With the camera and through her selection of subject she captures pictures and reminds us of everything we overlook - when we are looking. " In the moment we see and recognize an image while driving by it, it already belongs to the past..." (R. Rinn)

Rivka Rinn is teaching at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg from the 20 July to 1 August (
On July 23 rd at 8 p.m. a catalog with installation photos of the exhibition and her recent work will be presented: Rivka Rinn: 36 pages, all images in colour, price 10$: it can be purchased by writing to the gallery (e-mail:
Dr. Barbara Wally, the director of the Salzburg Academy of Fine Arts, will speak on the work of Rivka Rinn at that evening.