Diana Kingsley (USA)

von 04.06.1998 bis 05.07.1998
Sensitive son, 1997


The American artist Diana Kingsley, whose work was already represented in 1994 in the Galerie Fotohof’s group exhibit "Suspension," stages her photographs in her studio according to precise plans. Her works show scenes in a sequence of events in which banal everyday life is derailed by various disturbances and becomes irritating.

Everything has its order in these photographs, but something is always slightly off. The photographs stop either slightly before or slightly after the situation’s turning point. In "Inelastic Need Turns Luminous" someone is wearing a pearl necklace which, however, upon closer observation, is pulled too tightly. In "Sensitive Son" a boy is wearing a hat, but a drop of sweat running down his cheek disturbs the picture.

The scenes in Kingsley’s photographs are commonplace and familiar; they draw their disturbing potential from small shifts which make the ordinary seem horrible and the normal seem absurd.

4./5. Oktober 2003 daheim
von 03.02.2023 bis 25.03.2023
Soleil of Persian Square
von 03.12.2022 bis 28.01.2023
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