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Franz Koglmann (links) und Peter Herbert (rechts)
Foto: Herman Seidl

DIGITAL EXHIBITION: Heidi Harsieber − Einblicke
As the final week of the Heidi Harsieber exhibition at the FOTOHOF archiv is no longer accessible to visitors and the Archive itself has to remain closed until further notice, we have set up a virtual tour of the exhibition for you − accessible via the link below.

Instructions: use your mouse to swivel a full 360 degrees around the exhibition and get as close to, or as far back from, the photographs as you need to. To move to another position or to a different room, simply click the white cross on the floor.

You can view single works by Heidi Harsieber here in the FOTOHOF archive online: 


FILM: Heidi Harsieber trash with musical improvisation
A remake of Heidi Harsieber's medium-format colour slide projection entitled trash (first shown at the Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts in Vienna in 1975) was screened at an event at the FOTOHOF archiv on 20 February 2020. Franz Koglmann (flugelhorn) and Peter Herbert (double bass) improvised live to Heidi Harsieber's vividly colourful and abstract photographic works. The FOTOHOF archiv documented the performance on film. Anyone wishing to experience or relive this special evening can now do so on the FOTOHOF YouTube channel:



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Virtual exhibition tour and Film

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