Works by Heidi Harsieber

Exhibition at FOTOHOF archive: 28 November 2019 – 4 April 2020

Heidi Harsieber, Hermann und Rita Nitsch, 2009 aus der Serie „Einblicke. Künstler und ihre Partner“
Heidi Harsieber, Wolfgang und Edda Hollegha, 2013, aus der Serie „Einblicke. Künstler und ihre Partner“
Heidi Harsieber – aus der Serie: "trash"

Thursday, 20 February 2020, 7 pm

Exhibition Opening: Einblicke. Künstler und ihre Partner
Heidi Harsieber in conversation

Analogue Slide Show Projection: trash
Musical accompaniment by Franz Koglmann (flugelhorn) and Peter Herbert (bass).

FOTOHOF archiv / Sparkassenstraße 2 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria



From 2004 to 2014 the Viennese photographer Heidi Harsieber took photographs of artists and their partners during at times elaborate and long drawn-out portrait sessions. In 2014 the photo book Einblicke, published as part of an exhibition at the Österreichische Galerie at Vienna’s Belvedere, collated some of this work in book form. The FOTOHOF archiv has now been given the negatives and many of the originals from this sizeable group of works and, as part of this exhibition, offers an insight into her work method.

For many years now the artist Heidi Harsieber has been extremely well networked within the Austrian art scene. She has enjoyed a long relationship with many artist couples, so these photo sessions often became visits with friends. For the exhibition at the FOTOHOF archiv we have sought, together with the artist, to highlight this personal process of communication and the shared image-finding process. From the very extensive image material from the portrait shoots now in the FOTOHOF archiv, Heidi Harsieber has arranged and mounted series and image groups to highlight this photographing process. The exhibition offers an insight into the ‘making-of’ process involved in her photographs, which were published for the first time in 2014.

Trash is the title of her second photographic work. This, too, is a reconstruction of an earlier work for the exhibition at the FOTOHOF archiv, which is to be complemented at a later stage by a performance. The work photographed in the early 1970s was first staged in the form of projected medium-format colour slides at the Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts in Vienna in 1975 under its then director Alfred Schmeller. At the FOTOHOF archiv this work is to be shown at the exhibition in the form of analogue colour prints. This photographic work follows in the tradition of concrete and abstract photography, which was highly topical at the time. Tightly cropped details of rusted metal, weathered billboards and various waste areas are transformed into vibrantly colourful abstract projection surfaces for the viewer. The photographs also revive a very particular attitude to life that was typical of the 1970s, reminiscent of psychedelic experiences; for all that, they remain very concrete and highly precise photographs dedicated to reflecting objective reality.

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  • Heidi Harsieber, Hermann und Rita Nitsch, 2009, from the series „Einblicke. Künstler und ihre Partner“
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  • Heidi Harsieber, Wolfgang und Edda Hollegha, 2013, from the series „Einblicke. Künstler und ihre Partner“
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  • Heidi Harsieber – from series: "trash"
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